Easter Weekend!

I hate goodbyes!!

Yesterday afternoon, Jack left for Bundaberg with Nanna Jeanne and Martin. I was very upset to see him go, however he reassured me that he was going to be ok, and I didn’t need to cry, because dad would look after me.. He is such a little sweetheart…..Im sure he will have a wonderful time, and was very excited about going to Bundaberg with Nanna Jeanne by himself..

On Friday we are making the trip to Bundaberg for the Easter weekend. I love spending time with family and getting into the festive activities that each season offers, so Jeanne and I decided we would most certainly get into the spirit and get crafty.We are going to make some yummy chocolate cupcakes, and with some arrowroot biscuits, because they are in an oval/easter egg shape, rather than decorating a boiled egg, we thought the kids could enjoy decorating them with colourful icing. and of course you can’t have an easter egg hunt without a basket, so we will be busy making several little baskets.. Lots of fun activities to keep us busy… Cant wait to see Jack again and start the easter activities..

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..



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Fun at the Park!


Yesterday afternoon we met with Kez, Elly, Archer, Jelena & Evie at Pratten Park, Broadbeach. The park is listed as one of the best on the Gold Coast, and after being there you can certainly understand why. It has amazing slides built into the side of a slopping tartan wall where the kids climb to the top before sliding down, and a water area, which looks like it is a pirate ship where the kids can run up and shoot water at the people below them, and a submarine where the kids can climb on it and walk through it. Certainly is hours of entrainment in the wonderful sea air.


Image Image



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Coffee break

While you are both napping in the afternoon, I  thoroughly enjoy looking at various craft and home decor ideas. One in particular which I love the look of and would love to try one day soon is “How to make a paper Bow”… Something so simple, yet so elegant.

Here is the link http://www.ellinee.com/freebie-friday-how-to-make-a-paper-bow/

I have also enjoyed looking at a number of Easter craft ideas, which I would love to do for you and with you.. But that is all for now, will write again, this evening after our play date in the park with Elly, Archer, Kez, Jelena, and Evie.

Love You xx

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